What to do when pensioner has died?

The payment of pension ends when the pensioner dies. Pension is paid until the end of the month in which the pensioner died. If pension was paid after the month of the pensioner’s death, we will recover the paid pensions primarily through the bank. Unduly paid pensions will be recovered.

When a pensioner living in Finland dies

We receive information about the death of a pensioner living in Finland from the population data system within approximately two weeks.

When a pensioner living abroad dies

We do not receive information from the authorities on the death of a person who lives abroad, so if a pensioner living abroad dies, a relative should inform us of the pensioner’s death as soon as possible.

Survivors’ pension after the death of a pensioner

If a pensioner leaves behind a widow/widower or a child under 18, they may be entitled to receive survivors’ pension.

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