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Contributions and certificates

TyEL contribution 2016

You may pay the TyEL contributions in accordance with the estimated provisional payroll or monthly earnings notifications.

The basic TyEL contribution is 25.10% of the employees’ wages and salary.

Employee’s contribution:

  • under 53 years of age: 5.70% of wages and salary
  • 53 years of age or over: 7.20% of wages and salary 

You withhold the employee's pension contribution from the employee's salary and pay the entire earnings-related pension contribution to the pension insurance company.

Key contribution percentages and limits 

Contribution table

Do you need an insurance certificate to be attached to an offer?

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Change your provisional payroll amount

Is your provisional payroll amount at the correct level? If you have chosen the annual notification method, you can always adjust the provisional payroll amount. Call us at +358 10 192 083.


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