Disability pension

Disability pension can be granted to an employee who is under 63 years of age and whose ability to work has been reduced due to an illness for at least one year. A full disability pension is usually preceded by a sickness allowance of 300 days paid by Kela.

A partial disability pension can be granted if the employee is still able to do part-time work. The employee can apply for a preliminary decision while still working. The preliminary decision is valid for 9 months. A partial disability pension is 50% of the full disability pension.

Vocational rehabilitation is always the first option. When the conditions for granting vocational rehabilitation are met, a preliminary decision on rehabilitation is given to an employee applying for disability pension.

While on a full disability pension, the employee can earn up to 40% of his or her previous income level without it affecting the pension. For partial disability pension, the income limit is 60%. The personal income limit is stated in the pension decision.