Old-age pension for long-term unemployed

An aged long-term unemployed person can take out old-age pension at 62 if the following 2 conditions are met:

  • born in 1957 or earlier, and
  • receives extended unemployment allowance

Extended unemployment allowance requires that

  • the applicant has been working for at least five years during the past 20 years, and
  • if born in 1955 or 1956, reaches the age of 61 before exhausting the maximum payment period, or
  • if born in 1957 or later, reaches the age of 61 before exhausting the maximun payment period.

A person born in 1958 or later cannot retire on old-age pension before the lowest retirement age of the age group.

More information on earnings-related unemployment allowance and extended unemployment allowance is available at the Federation of Unemployment Funds tyj.fi. Information about basic unemployment allowance at Kela. A large employer may be obliged to pay the employer’s liability component if it has dismissed an elderly employee and the employee has been unemployed for a long time, read more at tvr.fi/en/.

Old-age pension long-term unemployed born before 1958