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Part-time pension

Part-time pension requires regular part-time employment, a long enough work career and full-time employment for at least 12 months during the past 18 months. The lowest age limit is 61 years.

The working hours should be limited so that the earnings from part-time work amount to 35-70 per cent of the stabilised earnings (average earnings of the five previous years). Absence from part-time work may not exceed six weeks, with the exception of annual leave and sick leave.

The wages or salary for part-time work must be defined carefully as the amount of pension is based on the information given by the employer. When the employee's application has reached us we will send you a pension information request. The pension can be calculated when we have your answer.

The part-time pensioner must notify us if the wages vary more than 15 per cent in either direction. In case of a temporary change in the earnings or amount of work, for example a temporary return to fulltime work, the part-time pensioner can apply for a suspension of the payment of the part-time pension for a maximum of six months.