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International work and pension cover

Insurance for work abroad is regulated by

  • the Finnish Employee's Pension Act (TyEL),
  • other Finnish Acts regarding social security,
  • EU Regulations on coordination of social security,
  • possible multi- or bilateral agreements on social security and/or
  • local social insurance legislation in the country where the activity is carried out.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions related to insurances when working abroad. Call us +358 10 192 091 or send a secured email to Varma's International Services.

Posting an employee abroad

When an employee is working abroad, you cannot freely decide where and how to arrange insurance. As a general rule, your company’s employees are insured in the country in which they work and are entitled to that country’s social security benefits.

Your employees may remain covered by Finnish social security, if

  • they have a valid certificate of posting from a social security agreement country or
  • they are working simultaneously in two or more EU-/EEA-countries and/or Switzerland and have a valid certificate A1.

An employee posted to a non-agreement country is usually also insured in Finland, in addition to the country in which he/she works.

The employee must notify Kela, if he/she moves abroad. Temporary stay abroad and return to Finland must also be reported to Kela.

Pensionable salary

Are you sending an employee on assignement for over six months? When Finnish pension law is applicable, you and your employee have to agree on the pensionable salary in writing before the assignment starts. As a general rule, the pensionable salary corresponds to the salary, which would have been paid for a similar job in Finland. It is the basis for insurance contributions and pension accrual during assignments abroad.

Foreign employee or employer

As a general rule, work performed in Finland is insured in Finland. For all employees, the employer has to arrange earnings-related pension insurance (TyEL), accident at work insurance and unemployment insurance. Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company only handles TyEL insurance policies.

Situations, where a foreign employee not insured in Finland, are

  • An employee posted to Finland has a valid certificate of posting from a social security agreement country
  • He or she is working simultaneously in two or more EU-/EEA-countries and/or Switzerland and has a valid certificate A1 (former E101) from one of these countries
  • An employee posted to Finland from a non-agreement country if the assignment in Finland lasts not longer than 2 years.

Read more about earnings-related pension and other social security in Finland.

Read more about statutory insurance policies in Finland.

Insuring temporary agency workers

A foreign temporary work agency needs to insure their employees In Finland in situations other than those mentioned above.

Social security abroad

Our database offers information (in Finnish only) on social security in different countries. Basic information includes social security and pension contributions as well as pension benefits. To use our database, please log in to our eServices.

If you don't have a user-ID, you can acquire a user ID for the eServices from us. Read more how you can start using the eServices.


Great Britain's departure from the EU came into force on 1 February 2020. During the transition period until the end of 2020, EU rights are applied in Britain as usual. That means, that for example, a worker going abroad to work in Britain can still apply for and be granted an A1 certificate and there are no changes to pension procedures until the end of 2020.

Britain and the EU will negotiatiate on how to handle issues relating to security in the future after the transition period.

Read more about Brexit on the website of the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Contact Varma's International Services

Our experts are always happy to help you with all questions related to insurances when working abroad. Please don't hesitate contact us! Call us +358 10 192 091 or send a secured email.

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