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Certificates and contributions

Make sure your YEL income and insurance premiums are up to date. Would flexibility option be beneficial in your financial situation?

YEL contribution 2020

The YEL contribution is calculated on the basis of the income you have reported to us. This year the contribution is

  • 24.10% for those under 53 years
  • 25.60% for those aged 5362 years
  • 24.10% for those aged 6367 years

As an entrepreneur just starting out, you get a discount of 22% for a period of four years. In that case, the contribution is

  • 18.798% for those under 53 years
  • 19.968% for those aged 5362 years
  • 18.798% for those aged 6367 years

The entrepreneur pays a higher contribution starting from the beginning of the year following the year in which s/he turned 53 and continues till the end of the calendar year in which s/he turned 63.

Key contribution percentages and limits 

Contribution table (pdf)

Flexibility in YEL contributions

As a self-employed person, you can adjust your YEL contributions to flexibly adapt to your financial situation. You can pay 10–100 per cent higher contributions or 10–20 per cent lower insurance contributions.

You can flexibly adjust your YEL contributions if

  • your insurance is valid for the full calendar year with the same pension insurance company
  • you do not have overdue, unpaid YEL contributions
  • you do not yet receive earnings-related pension from Finland
  • you do not receive the contribution discount for new entrepreneurs

You can reduce your contributions for a maximum of three years within seven consecutive calendar years, but additional contributions, however, you can make every year.

Flexibility in YEL contributions only affects pension and not, for example, daily allowances or unemployment cover paid according to the Health Insurance Act. Those are calculated based on your confirmed YEL income.

If you want to use the flexibility option, send us a written notice. Be sure to submit the notice in good time, as the application must be processed and the additional contributions must be paid during the year of flex­ibility. If you need more information about the flexibility option, call us +358 10 192 102 or send us a secured email.

Read more: Flexibility in YEL contributions (pdf).

Do you need more information about the flexibility option?

Call us at 010 192 102, we can assist you.

YEL insurance certificates

When you need a YEL payment certificate to be attached to an offer, you can get it from Varma's eServices.

As an entrepreneur you may also need YEL income certificate when you apply for

  • housing benefits
  • unemployment benefits
  • daily allowances granted by KELA
  • financial aid for your studies or
  • a day-care spot for your child.

Entrepreneur’s Calculator 2020

Calculate how your income affects your social security and estimate your insurance contribution.


YEL insurance

YEL concerns people aged 18–67.
The earliest age you can retire at is @RetirementYear years and @RetirementMonth months. Highest retirement age: @RetirementYear years. With this calculator you can count up to 70 years of age.


€ / weekday
€ / weekday
Unemployment allowance
€ / working day
€ / working day
€ / month

€ / year
€ / month

TyEL insurance

€ / year

Take out an insurance Change your earned income
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The insurance cover has been calculated using the following assumptions

The YEL earnings have been in force for two years. The unemployment cover has been calculated under the assumption that the person does not have dependent children. An estimated effect of the life expectancy coefficient is included. The person lives in Finland. The calculated insurance cover applies to this insurance only and should be considered approximations. The purchasing power of the pension estimate corresponds to present-day values.


Entrepreneurs are entitled to a daily sickness allowance when unable to work due to illness provided that they have worked as an employee or entrepreneur for at least three months prior to the disability. If the work requirement is not fulfilled, the entrepreneur is entitled to sickness allowance only after 10 consecutive days of disability. Entrepreneurs are entitled to unemployment allowance when becoming unemployed after ending their entrepreneurial activities. Receiving earnings-related unemployment allowance requires membership in an unemployment fund. The YEL insurance contribution can be paid by the entrepreneur or by the company. The contribution is deductible for both. YEL provides security also in the event of disability or the death of a family provider. YEL pension is the amount of old-age pension according to the earned income you entered.

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