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Partial old-age pension

The lowest age limit is 61.

Amount of pension
You can take out 25 or 50% of the pension you have accrued until the end of the previous year.

Reduction for early retirement
If you take out your partial pension before you have reached the minimum age for old-age pension, the part that you take will be reduced by 0.4% for every month of early retirement.

Example: if born in 1957, the minimum age for old-age pension is 63 years and 9 months. If the partial old-age pension is taken out at 61, the reduction is calculated as follows: 33 (months) x 0.4% = 13.2%. The reduction is permanent and thus it also affects the final old-age pension.

If you take out your pension after having reached the minimum age for old-age pension, there will be an increase of 0.4% per deferred month.

Calculate an estimate (use your online banking codes)

Submit your application 2 weeks before the start of the pension. Electronic application or pdf form 

Working while drawing pension
Working is neither restricted nor required when drawing a partial old-age pension.

If your work input changes, please indicate the amount of your new YEL-income in your pension application.

Read more (pdf)

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