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Based on the information you have provided you can take out pension insurance for your employees in the Pesti service. It is designed for employers who hire employees incidentally and whose total payroll for a consecutive six-month period is less than EUR 8,502. Based on the information you have provided you do not seem to require statutory pension insurance. Contact us to make sure. Telephone: +358 010 192 102 Based on the information you have provided you require TyEL insurance for your employees. Based on the information you have provided you require TyEL insurance for yourself and your employees. One TYEL application is enough. Based on the information you have provided you require YEL insurance as an entrepreneur and TyEL insurance for your employees. Based on the information you have provided you require TyEL insurance as an entrepreneur. Based on the information you have provided you require YEL insurance as an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneur’s Calculator 2019

Calculate how your income affects your social security and estimate your insurance contribution.

YEL insurance

YEL concerns people aged 18–67.
The earliest age you can retire at is @RetirementYear years and @RetirementMonth months. Highest retirement age: @RetirementYear years. With this calculator you can count up to 70 years of age.
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Unemployment allowance
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TyEL insurance

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The insurance cover has been calculated using the following assumptions

The YEL earnings have been in force for two years. The unemployment cover has been calculated under the assumption that the person does not have dependent children. An estimated effect of the life expectancy coefficient is included. The person lives in Finland. The calculated insurance cover applies to this insurance only and should be considered approximations. The purchasing power of the pension estimate corresponds to present-day values.


Entrepreneurs are entitled to a daily sickness allowance when unable to work due to illness provided that they have worked as an employee or entrepreneur for at least three months prior to the disability. If the work requirement is not fulfilled, the entrepreneur is entitled to sickness allowance only after 10 consecutive days of disability. Entrepreneurs are entitled to unemployment allowance when becoming unemployed after ending their entrepreneurial activities. Receiving earnings-related unemployment allowance requires membership in an unemployment fund. The YEL insurance contribution can be paid by the entrepreneur or by the company. The contribution is deductible for both. YEL provides security also in the event of disability or the death of a family provider. YEL pension is the amount of old-age pension according to the earned income you entered.

Checklist for the newly self-employed

The first thing to do is to take out statutory insurance for the self-employed, i.e. YEL insurance.

Take out an insurance policy here or call us at 010 192 102.

It is also wise to take out legal expenses insurance right from the start. You can supplement your insurance to cover essential matters. If P&C Insurance Company can help you map out your insurance needs.

Ask If PC for an offer +358 (0) 10 19 15 00.

Your company also requires reliable banking services. Nordea’s e-starter package for entrepreneurs is an easy and convenient way to open an account and access other basic services. Call Nordea’s Corporate Service number at 0200 2121 (Mon–Sun, 24h). You can also discuss your company’s needs at greater length over the phone.

Read more on Nordea’s website

Temporary employer

Temporary employer

If you don't employ regular staff and salaries are less than 8 502 euros within 6 months, you can act as a temporary employer.

As of 1 January 2019 you will be report the payroll information to the Incomes Register. To make it easier to make notifications, you can use the free-of-charge service (in Finnish and Swedish) or a commercial payroll service such as (in Finnish).

  • If you use the service, choose "Varma" as insurance company on the dropdown-list on the online form. The system will generate Varma's company ID and pension insurance number.
  • If you use the technical interface or the upload service of the Incomes Register, remember to provide Varma's company ID "55" and as pension insurance number "55-3999990D".

Accident insurance

You may also need to take out accident insurance for your employees, ask If for an offer +358 (0) 10 19 15 00.

Insure your employees

Take out insurance

or call us at +358 10 192 102

Important facts about income under YEL insurance for the self-employed

Your pension accrual is based on your earned income under YEL insurance. If you fall ill or if a child is born into your family, the benefits paid by Kela are also determined according to your YEL income. Your entitlement to unemployment benefits depend on the amount of your earned income.

The minimum and maximum limits for YEL income in 2019

  • Minimum: EUR 7,799, 37
  • Maximum: EUR 177,125.00
  • The lower limit for unemployment security is EUR 12,816.00

It is important that your YEL income is at the correct level right from the start of your self-employed activities. Important considerations for setting your income level:

  • You set the level of your YEL income.
  • Your YEL income is an estimate of your work input.
  • Your YEL income should equal the sum that would be paid to an employee with the same professional skills as you have for carrying out the same work.
  • YEL income is not the same as your taxable income from self-employment or the salary you have taken out

Use the Entrepreneur’s Calculator on our website when thinking about your earned income!

Thinking about the correct level of YEL income? Call us at 010 192 102, we can assist you.

YEL - eesti keeles

YEL-i alusel määratakse vanadus-, töövõimetus- ja toitjakaotuspensione. 

YEL - по-русски

Согласно YEL, предпринимателям предоставляется пенсия по старости, пенсия по нетрудоспособности и семейная пенсия.

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