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Pension cover for the entrepreneur


Vocational rehabilitation is the primary approach if illness threatens your work ability. We can support you in continuing in working life by granting a business subsidy to modify your business activities or to establish a company. We can support you in returning to work after a period of sick leave through a work trial. Discuss the matter with your doctor and request a medical statement B to attach to your rehabilitation application.

Read more about rehabilitation and how to apply for it.
Read about how Varma supports entrepreneurs (pdf).

Disability pension

Disability pension can be full or partial pension. It can also be for a fixed-term, i.e. the cash rehabilitation benefit. Illness is the main grounds for the pension. You can get an estimate of the amount of the pension in our eServices.

Read more about disability pension (pdf).
Read these instructions on how to apply for disability pension.

Years-of-service pension

The years-of-service pension is possible at the age of 63 for someone who has performed especially strenuous work for 38 years and whose work ability has deteriorated.

Read more about the years-of-service pension (pdf).
Find out here if you should apply for the years-of-service pension.

Partial old-age pension

It is possible to retire on partial old-age pension even before reaching your pensionable age. It is 25 or 50% of your accrued pension, and the age limit is 61. If retirement begins before reaching the pensionable age, the withdrawn portion of the pension will be reduced. This reduction is permanent.

Read more about the partial old-age pension (pdf).

Old-age pension

The lower age limit for old-age pension will gradually rise to 65 years. You can see your accrued pension in your pension record. You can apply for pension roughly two weeks before the start of retirement.

Read more here about old-age pension (pdf).
View your pension record (in finnish only)
Apply for pension

Survivors’ pension

Survivors’ pension is possible for children under 18 and for the surviving spouse if the family provider dies. Surviving spouse’s pension is subject to additional conditions relating to, for instance, the year the marriage was entered into.

Read more about survivors’ pension (pdf).
Check the surviving spouse’s right to survivors’ pension.

Here is the application for surviving spouse’s pension from the website of the Finnish Centre for Pensions (pdf). You can send in the application via secure email.

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