Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility at Varma

For Varma, responsible operations means, above all, securing solvency, high-quality implementation of pension provision and supporting workability.

Responsibility is an integral part of our investment operations and ownership practices.

We take responsibility for mitigating climate change in our investment portfolio, our supply chain and our operations alike.

For us, looking after the workability and competence of Varma employees is a matter of honour.

And it all culminates in open communication.

Varma’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (pdf)

Vision. CSR is part of Varma’s daily operations. We actively communicate what CSR means to us and how our responsible operations show in society. We continuously develop our responsible ways of operating.

Mitigating climate change in investments

In 2016, we became the first Finnish pension company to publish a climate policy, which details our efforts to achieve a lower-carbon portfolio. We took a major step towards achieving our targets already in 2016, when, for instance, the carbon footprint of our equity investments declined 22%.

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Varma’s CSR focus areas

Responsible Varma

Responsible investment

Responsible investment is an integral part of our investment operations and ownership practices.

Our investment process includes an ESG analysis. We focus on analysing the most important ESG aspects and their impact on the return on investments and risks on a longer term.

We have published Varma’s Principles for Responsible Investment and specific policies for different asset classes. Read more about responsible investment in the section Financial information and investments.

Memberships in networks

Varma is a member of Fibs, a corporate responsibility network in Finland, and Finsif, Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum. We have signed the Diversity Charter, and as a member of Diversity Charter Finland we are willing to engage in developing our diversity management and practices.

Varma has joined the Montréal Carbon Pledge initiative supported by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). Under the Pledge, investors commit to measure and publicly disclose the carbon footprint of their listed equity investments on an annual basis.

Varma has signed the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), which compiles data on companies' greenhouse gas emissions and other climate-change-related data.

Varma has also joined the Climate Partners network that fosters cooperation to reduce GHG emissions and to mitigate climate change.

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