Equity investments

Osakesijoitusten jakauma

Equity investments, %

Varma’s private equity investments comprise a widely diversified portfolio of international and Finnish private equity funds. In addition, we make co-investments from time to time in the investee companies of funds.

In line with our ownership policy, we promote work in Finland provided that the company's selection criteria for investments are met. We actively invest directly in unlisted Finnish companies, such has growth companies, mergers and acquisitions and corporate changes.

Return on equity investments

Equity investments account for 42 per cent of Varma’s investment portfolio, with listed equities accounting for 33 per cent of the investment portfolio (30 September 2015). In addition to listed equities, our equity investments comprise private equity investments and unlisted equities.

Varma manages its Finnish and European equity investments internally. Investments in other regions mainly consist of investment funds or exchange-traded products.