Varma’s information service helps Autokeskus paint overall picture of its personnel

Varma’s information service helps Autokeskus paint overall picture of its personnel

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Maikki Salminen, HR Director at the Autokeskus car dealership chain, had been thinking about drawing up personnel accounts for a long time. Then, at Varma’s workability management training, she had a new idea – what if she painted an overall picture of the personnel?

“I had been thinking about drawing up personnel accounts for quite some time. In my view, the regular financial statements should be accompanied by figures related to personnel. After all, personnel is the single largest fixed cost and investment item. There were templates available for drawing up personnel accounts, but they were far removed from the day-to-day operations of the company.”

Salminen says she got the idea from Varma’s workability management training.

Paula Liukkonen, who is a professor at the University of Stockholm, presented a model called ‘personnel picture’ at the training event. She had assembled information on personnel turnover, age distribution, gender distribution and absences. Once I got back to my desk, I started to compile reports by the occupational health-care provider, accident insurance statistics, and information from Varma’s information service and from our payroll system. I used these to create a personnel picture that reflects Autokeskus. I’m an art historian by training, so I approached the personnel picture as if I had been studying a work of art. What is the broader historical phenomenon or context, are there conflicts or tension in the picture, how are things interconnected?” she says.

Personnel picture makes well-being at work tangible

Salminen created a visual personnel picture.

“The data is presented as graphs with comparison and historical data. In this way I was able to show the concrete value of well-being at work issues, which are often given a low priority in business. Diagrams and columns are easy to interpret: you can see immediately if the diagram for personnel costs diverts from the diagram for business performance, or which location has the highest employee turnover rate. Once you can illustrate the costs of, for example, musculoskeletal diseases, it is easy to weigh the benefits of various preventive measures,” says Salminen.

Beauty of information service lies in data

Varma’s information service proved to be a useful tool in building the personnel picture.

“The beauty of the information service lies in that it contains important, clear information. I also made use of the possibility to make calculations of the costs and impacts on the contribution category of disability pension cases. They have served as a real eye-opener for the management and supervisors,” says Salminen.

Developing the information service

Salminen has also helped to improve the information service.

“In future, you will be able to link Varma’s information to your company’s other key figures. You can compare the operative result, occupational health-care costs or salary costs with the indicator comparison tool,” she explains.

Text: Commia/Mia Heiskanen
Photo: Aro-Yhtymä Oy