Varma magazine takes a look at the social and health care reform, corporate social responsibility and the circular economy


The latest Varma magazine delves into the strongly rising circular economy – what it involves, how it will change companies’ operating practices and what kind of new business it will bring about.

The massive reform of the social and healthcare sector has been a topic of public discussion in Finland for years now. Varma magazine offers the latest estimates of how the reform will change the markets of companies operating in the sector. Social and healthcare companies must renew themselves, because the rules of the game are changing in the markets.

Responsible and ethically solid operations are beginning to be a vital precondition for sustainable success in industry and trade. Responsible entrepreneurs Mika Vornanen, a fishing guide, and Esa and Jukka Vesmanen, who are currently targeting export markets for their design lamp, take environmental matters and other responsibility aspects into account in their business. And what importance do Finnish entrepreneurs place on having honest partners?

Piritta Seppälä, a solopreneur who works in communications, is still contemplating the need to grow her business. The social media guru has taken a big step and become an employer. Occupational Health Psychologist Heli Hannonen, with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, offers solopreneurs good advice on how to balance work and rest, and on good eating habits.

Hiring an employee and paying a legal salary must be made as easy as possible. This is the idea behind, according to Janne Isosävi, one of the founders of the online payroll service.

Varma magazine takes a look at the changes that will be made to entrepreneurs’ and employees’ pensions as of the beginning of next year. Two new types of pension will be introduced, in addition to a number of other changes.

The Finnish version of the magazine, Varma 2/2016, will be mailed to Varma’s entrepreneur customers. The magazine can also be read in digital form in Finnish and English at