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How to check your pension record

On the Pension record page in our eServices, you can view up-to-date information on the amount of your future pension and check your earned income and benefit data at your convenience. Data older than six years can be viewed on the calculated estimate available in PDF format through the eServices.

Check your earnings data

As of 2005, pension accrues on work carried out from the age of 18. As of 2017, pension begins accruing on the wages of employees as young as 17. The lower age limit for an entrepreneur is 18 years. If you receive partial old-age pension, our eServices only shows you your earnings data beginning from the year when your pension began.

Employment abroad with a foreign employer and voluntary supplementary pension insurances are not included in the pension record. Therefore, you are not required to provide this information to Varma. A change in your employer’s name has no effect on your pension amount, and you do not need to inform us about it.

Earnings in 2019 and after that

The employer submits the earnings information to the Incomes Register and you can view your latest earnings information at the address Information on the previous month’s earned income affecting pension are transferred to Varma’s pension record on the 8th day of each month. If there are errors in your earned income for 2019 or after that, please contact your employer, who will correct the data in the Incomes Register. If your employer has gone out of business or has been declared bankrupt, you can submit an enquiry through our eServices.

Entrepreneurial activity

If you are an entrepreneur your pension accrues on the basis of the YEL confirmed income set by yourself. If you have not changed your confirmed YEL income, your initial income has been adjusted annually by the wage coefficient. This means that your pension accrued for a year’s work will remain unchanged.

2018 and older earnings

If there is an error in your earnings preceding 2019, please inform us by submitting a request for clarification through the eServices. If the error relates to public-sector earnings information, please notify Keva.

LEL and TaEL work

If your pension record or calculated estimate includes LEL and/or TaEL employment, the start and end dates of such employment relationships or the employer’s name are not included, and there is no need to provide this information to us. The calculated estimate is included in the pension record that is available through the eServices.

Employees of private employers in employment relationships in the agricultural, forestry, construction or ports sectors were insured under LEL from 1962 to 2007.

Musicians, directors, journalists, translators and other groups of creative professionals in employment relationships, as referred to in legislation, were insured under TaEL from 1986 to 2007. From 1998 to 2007, the legislation was also applied to contingent employment in the private sector in sectors other than LEL sectors.

Check your unpaid periods

Your pension accrues for unpaid periods during which you receive benefits based on earned income, for the home-care of children under the age of three and for basic vocational or higher education degrees. Take a closer look at the pension coverage during unsalaried periods.

Estimate of the accrual of your old-age pension

You can view your accrued pension and an estimate of your old-age pension on our eServices. The estimates include the impact of the life expectancy coefficient. 

The pension accrual is 1.5% per year and 1.7% per year for 53–62-year-olds during the transition period 2017–2025.

Does your calculated estimate include public-sector reductions?

  1. If you worked in the public sector before 2005, the amount of pension you accrued may have been decreased due to the integration of pensions.
  2. Your accrued pension is reduced if you were born before 1960, your public-sector employment began before 1993, you are retiring on an old-age pension before the age of 65 and your public-sector employment ended already earlier.

Further information about public-sector employment is available at Keva.

If you have not yet applied for pension, you can calculate or order an estimate of your pension on our eServices: Pension estimates. Log in.

Terms explained

Life expectancy coefficient = A coefficient used to adjust pension to accommodate changes in life expectancy. The purpose of the coefficient is to maintain balance in the pension costs incurred due to longer life expectancy and to encourage people to continue working. Read more about the life expectancy coefficient (FCP).

Indices = The indices concerning earnings-related pensions are earnings-related pension index and wage coefficient. When calculating the amount of pension, the wage coefficient is used to adjust wages and confirmed income for your working career to the level of the year when the pension starts. Any earnings-related pensions being paid are adjusted by the earnings-related pension index at the beginning of January. The pension record states the level at which the information is provided, that is, which year’s indices have been used for the adjustments. Further information on indices (FCP).


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