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Mailing schedule for pension records in 2019

Those under 58 years of age will receive a printed version of their pension record every three years. This year, we will mail out pension records for those born in January–April.


As of the 15th of August:

  • Self-employed customers
  • Swedish-speaking insured persons

As of the 27th of August:

  • Those born between 1950–1959


As of the 12th of September:

  • Those born in 1960
  • Those born between 1961–1969 in January–April

As of the 26th of September:

  • Those born between 1970–1979 in January–April


As of the 10th of October:

  • Those born between 1980–1987 in January–April

As of the 24th of October:

  • Those born between 1988–1995 in January–April


As of the 12th of November:

  • Those born between 1996–2001 in January–April

If you have not received your pension record according to your date of birth, we will send it to you at the latest by the end of November.

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