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Pension accrual will continue during unpaid periods

Your pension will continue to accrue during unpaid periods, provided that you have earned at least EUR 18,171.45 (in 2020) during your working career and the associated pension contributions have been paid.

Benefits received during unpaid periods entitling to pension accrual

The pension accrued during an unpaid period is calculated based on the applicable earnings basis, which is indicated in your pension record. The earnings basis is multiplied by a certain percentage that depends on the benefit received (the percentage is indicated in brackets below). The annual pension accrual corresponds to 1.5 per cent of this value.

  • Maternity, special maternity, paternity and parental allowance: In most cases, the earnings basis corresponds to your earned income confirmed in taxation. For entrepreneurs, the earnings basis is the YEL or MYEL earned income. (121%)
  • Earnings-related unemployment allowance (until the lowest retirement age): The earnings basis corresponds to your earned income for the 10 months preceding your unemployment. Your holiday bonus and holiday compensation as well as your contributions for employment pension, unemployment and health insurance will be deducted from your earned income. The maximum earnings basis for entrepreneurs is their YEL or MYEL confirmed income. (75%)
  • Daily sickness allowance, partial sickness allowance, special care allowance: In most cases, the earnings basis corresponds to your earned income confirmed in taxation. If you are receiving partial sickness allowance, the earnings basis is halved. (62%)
  • Daily allowance for a communicable disease: Your earnings basis corresponds to your salary or, if you are an entrepreneur, your YEL or MYEL confirmed income. (65%)
  • Rehabilitation allowance: Your earnings basis corresponds to your earned income for the five calendar years preceding the year in which you applied for vocational rehabilitation. In most cases, the earnings basis for the rehabilitation allowance covered by KELA corresponds to your earned income confirmed in taxation. (55%)
  • Daily allowance under motor liability, accident and military injury insurance: The benefit is based on the employer’s report or on tax information; for the self-employed, on the company’s accounting data. (65%)
  • Earnings-related education/training subsidy and daily allowance: The earnings basis is the same as for unemployment allowance. (65%)
  • Adult training subsidy: The earnings basis is the previous year’s earnings; for the self-employed, EUR 757.14 per month. (65%)
  • Earnings-related job alternation allowance: The earnings basis is the previous year’s earnings. (55%)

Pension accrual during studies and periods spent caring for a child at home

If you are taking care of a child under 3 years of age at home, your pension will accrue as if your monthly earnings were EUR 757.14. You will be eligible to receive this benefit only during times when your pension does not accrue based on earned income.

Pension also accrues on the basis of a monthly income of EUR 757.14 from studies leading to a university degree or vocational qualification starting from the age of 18.

  • Higher university degree: pension accrues for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Polytechnic degree and similar degrees: pension accrues for a maximum of 4 years.
  • Lower university degree: pension accrues for a maximum of 3 years.
  • Vocational upper secondary qualification: pension accrues for a maximum of 3 years.

If you are studying abroad for a degree, your pension will accrue in the same way as it would for studies in Finland. To be eligible for this benefit, you must be receiving student financial aid pursuant to the Finnish Student Financial Aid Act.

The labour market subsidy, basic unemployment allowance according to the Act on unemployment benefits, and pension assistance are taken into account as a fixed sum in euros (EUR 1,514.28/month in 2020) only when calculating the amount of disability pension.

These benefits will appear in your pension record only in the following year’s spring. If you notice any missing information in your benefits for unpaid periods before 2019, submit an enquiry.

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