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How to apply for disability pension

It is worthwhile considering applying for disability pension when you have received daily sickness allowance for 150 days. The pension usually begins when you have received daily sickness allowance for 300 days, i.e. approximately one year after the disability began. Apply for pension approx. 3 months prior to the end of your sickness allowance.

Medical statement B

Discuss your eligibility for retirement with your doctor. Once he or she has written a medical statement B for your pension or cash rehabilitation benefit you can fill in the electronic disability pension application.

Partial disability pension

You can apply for a preliminary partial disability pension decision while still employed full-time. Once you receive the decision you have 10 months to agree on part-time work. The pension can begin when your earnings are reduced to 60% of your previous income level. 

If you have not yet applied for pension, you can calculate or order an estimate of your  disability pension on our eServices.

Disability pension (pdf)