Pension is a benefit that must be applied for

Before applying for pension, you can estimate the amount of your pension in our online service if necessary.

  1. Check this page for your eligibility to receive pension.
  2. Fill in the electronic application - check below for when to do so.

You can use Varma's digital application to apply for earnings-related and national pension. When you simultaneously become an eCustomer, you can view your decision on our eServices and it will be delivered faster than by post.

Apply at the right time

  • Old-age pension or partial old-age pension: 2 weeks before the start of the pension 
  • Disability pension: no later than 2 months from the end of the daily sickness allowance
  • Partial disability pension or years-of-service pension: preliminary application a few months before
  • Survivors' pension: as soon as possible after the death of the preliminary beneficiary 

If you have lived or worked abroad, apply 6 months before the start of the pension. Also fill in the digital Appendix U Residence and Employment Abroad.
If an illness is making it difficult for you to continue working, consider applying for rehabilitation.
Is your employee about to retire? What should the employer do? (pdf)