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Widow(er)'s own pension may decrease survivors' pension

Note! When calculating spouse's pension use only amounts of employment pensions. National pension is not included.

The spouse’s pension may be decreased, if

  • there are no under-aged children
  • spouse’s pension has been granted based on a death that has occurred on 1 July 1990 or later.

When is spouse’s pension decreased?

  • The widow(er) is over the age of 65 or retired > The decrease is made as soon as the survivors' pension begins
  • The widow(er) is under 65 and has not retired > The decease is made 6 months following the spouse’s death
  • The youngest child turns 18 > The decrease is made from the beginning of the month that follows the child’s birthday
  • The widow(er) is granted employment pension > The decrease is made again based on the widow(er)’s actual employment pension