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Earnings-related pensions will rise by approximately 0.6 per cent at the beginning of 2018

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has on 26 October confirmed the indexes for earnings-related pension provision for the year 2018.

The earnings-related pension index in 2018 will be 2548. Compared to 2017, the earnings-related pension index will rise by approximately 0.6 per cent. The earnings-related pension index is used to adjust earnings-related pensions in payment. When calculating the earnings-related pension index, the changes in price level weigh 80 per cent and the changes in wage-earners’ income level 20 per cent.

Further information on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (in Finnish)

New eServices for our pensioners living abroad

As of 16 April 2016 can pensioners who live outside of Finland also access their own pension information, change their bank account and contact details and print out certificates by logging in with their Finnish banking codes or a mobile certificate. Log in to view and change your personal details.

Read more about the new eServices (pdf)



Current issues