Back to work with help from Varma

Rehabilitants who are studying must do the following in January

  1. Submit a notification on the continuation of your studies immediately when you start a new semester. Log in to eServices for rehabilitants > Commuting invoice and notifications > Notification of studies. We will pay you compensation for study-related expenses based on your notification of studies.
  2. Send a new tax card to Varma. Without your tax card, we will have to withhold 45% tax from your rehabilitation allowance starting in February. Read more about taxation
  3. The 2019 compensation for rehabilitants will change. You can apply for compensation for December’s commuting expenses in January in accordance with the 2018 guidelines. Read more about the compensation of rehabilitation costs

Submit a commuting invoice for commutes of more than 10 kilometres from your home to your place of study each month after the fact, i.e. commutes between 1 and 31 December in January, commutes between 1 and 31 January in February etc.

The steps of your rehabilitation with Varma

The steps of your rehabilitation

How to apply for vocational rehabilitation

  1. Discuss your possibility to receive vocational rehabilitation with your attending doctor or occupational health physician.
  2. Request a 'B' medical statement from your physician to attach to the application.
  3. Also bring the matter up with your employer. If you are self-employed, think about your possibilities to continue in working life through rehabilitation supported by Varma.
  4. Fill in the online application form for vocational rehabilitation after you have obtained a 'B' medical statement.

If you already have a clear plan regarding your rehabilitation, enter the information in the application; e.g. the dates and tasks of a work trial that you have agreed on with your employer. If you do not have a plan yet, you can apply for a preliminary decision on your entitlement to rehabilitation. Together with the rehabilitation decision, you will receive information concerning your personal rehabilitation specialist at Varma.

We will process your application usually in less than three weeks.

What information do you need when filling in an application? See the checklist

Convenient electronic application

1. Find out what the vocational rehabilitation options are. 2. Get a Medical Statement B. 3. Make an electronic application.

Go to the application
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