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Vocational rehabilitation

Are you considering vocational rehabilitation?

Did you receive a positive preliminary decision

- but you don't have a plan for returning to work yet?

  1. Consider your options
  2. Draw up a plan

Back to work through rehabilitation

You should consider applying for rehabilitation if an illness is hampering your ability to cope at work. You may also need rehabilitation if you return to work after a long sick leave or cash rehabilitation benefit period, or if your pension application has been rejected.

  1. Find out about the rehabilitation options, such as a work trial and retraining.  Discuss your possibility to receive vocational rehabilitation with your physician. Estimate the amount of your rehabilitation allowance on our eServices.
  2. Submit an electronic rehabilitation application after you have obtained a medical statement B.
  3. Draw up a rehabilitation plan no later than when you receive a preliminary approval decision from us.

Varma’s rehabilitation specialist will assist you, for example, in drawing up a rehabilitation plan. When your return to work has been planned out and you begin your rehabilitation programme, we will support you financially through, for example, a rehabilitation allowance.

Vocational rehabilitation (pdf)


  • You are under 63 years of age
  • You are employed and have years of work experience
  • Your total earnings over the last 5 years are a minimum of EUR 34,508
  • Your ability to work is jeopardised by illness
  • Rehabilitation would promote your ability to continue at work

How to apply for vocational rehabilitation

  1. Discuss your possibility to receive vocational rehabilitation with your attending doctor or occupational health physician.
  2. Also bring the matter up with your employer. If you are self-employed, think about your possibilities to continue in working life through rehabilitation supported by Varma.
  3. Request a 'B' medical statement from your physician to attach to the application.
  4. Fill in the online application form for vocational rehabilitation after you have obtained a 'B' medical statement.

If necessary, we will ask for additional information; for example, we might ask your employer for a description of your work tasks and work arrangement possibilities. The average processing time for rehabilitation applications is approximately three weeks. Together with the rehabilitation decision, you will receive information concerning your personal rehabilitation specialist. You can discuss how your rehabilitation will be carried out with the specialist.

Apply for rehabilitation online

The electronic application is easy, safe and quick. Log in using your banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Go to the application

Draw up your plan together with the other parties

Checklist for the rehabilitation plan:

  1. What rehabilitation measures are you prepared to take?
  2. Could you return to your previous job?
  3. What kind of new tasks might interest you?
  4. When could you carry out your plan?

Your personal rehabilitation specialist at Varma will help you draw up the plan.
Planning often starts through co-operation between you, your workplace HR administration and occupational health care in occupational health negotiations (pdf).

Can the rehabilitation period take place in your current workplace?

  • Could you continue at your present job through a work trial and work arrangements?
  • Is it possible to change your job description to suit your state of health?
  • Could you be given another job at your current workplace?
  • Could you find suitable tasks at your current workplace through additional training?
  • As an entrepreneur, do you need assistance to purchase equipment or machinery?

A whole new profession through rehabilitation?

  • Considering your present education level and experience, could you be employed by a new employer, for example, through a work trial or job coaching?
  • Is retraining for a new profession and changing fields to find work suited to your state of health an option?
  • Could you become self-employed and in this way perform work that is suitable for you?