Back to work through rehabilitation

You should consider applying for rehabilitation if an illness is hampering your ability to cope at work. You may also need rehabilitation if you return to work after a long sick leave or cash rehabilitation benefit period, or if your pension application has been rejected.

  1. Find out about the rehabilitation options, such as a work trial and retraining.  Discuss your possibility to receive vocational rehabilitation with your physician. Estimate the amount of your rehabilitation allowance on our eServices.
  2. Submit an electronic rehabilitation application after you have obtained a medical statement B.
  3. Draw up a rehabilitation plan no later than when you receive a preliminary approval decision from us.

Varma’s rehabilitation specialist will assist you, for example, in drawing up a rehabilitation plan. When your return to work has been planned out and you begin your rehabilitation programme, we will support you financially through, for example, a rehabilitation allowance.

Vocational rehabilitation (pdf)