Rehabilitation allowance

If your income before the start of rehabilitation consisted of wages/salary, a daily sickness allowance or unemployment allowance, we will pay you a rehabilitation allowance. Be sure to inform the payer of your daily allowance that the rehabilitation allowance has started!

  • The amount of the allowance equals the disability pension + 33 per cent.
  • Payments will start once your work trial, for example, begins.

We will withhold tax on your rehabilitation allowance based on your tax card. You can request a tax card online at the address, at the number 029 497 050 (calls from outside Finland +358 29 497 050) or from the tax office. The tax authority will send the tax card directly to us.

If you send us a tax card for employment income, the withholding percentage will be at least 25%.

If you have not yet applied for rehabilitation, you can calculate or order an estimate of your  rehabilitation allowance on our eServices.