Questions from students undergoing rehabilitation

When your studies begin

When should I inform Varma that my studies have begun?
After you have received an acceptance letter from the learning institute: Send the letter to Varma; the quickest way to do this is by logging in to the eServices for rehabilitants > Attachments > Acceptance letter.
You can also send the letter via secure email. Include your personal identity code in the Subject field and enter a space in the Message field, with no text. Please note that we will not reply to your message. Secure email
When you begin studying: File a notification of starting studies immediately when your studies begin by logging in to the eServices for rehabilitants.

Will I be compensated for my school commute?
If your daily school commute is at least 10 km one way, create a commuting invoice once the payment of your rehabilitation benefit begins.

Can I do paid work during my studies?
You may work as long as it does not hinder your studies and your earnings stay within the limits specified in the eServices. If you exceed your earnings limit, your rehabilitation benefits may be paid as partial rehabilitation allowance, which is half of the full rehabilitation allowance.


How do I submit notification that a new study term has started after the turn of the year?
Submit a notification on the continuation of your studies by logging in to eServices for rehabilitants.
At the same time, find out how compensation for study, travel and living expenses have changed.


Do I have to notify Varma separately of the end of the school year in spring?
You do not have to send us a transcript of your credits every year after the end of the school year in spring. If we require information, we will contact you.

Do I get rehabilitation allowance during the summer months?
We will also pay rehabilitation allowance for the summer holiday period in between the spring and autumn semesters. Holiday periods of more than one month should be used to further your studies.


Do I have to notify Varma of the start of the autumn school term?
File a notification of the continuation of your studies after your studies begin in the autumn. We will compensate you for the expenses related to your studies once we have received your notification on the continuation of your studies in eServices for rehabilitants.

When your studies end

What do I do after I graduate and my studies have ended?
When you graduate, Varma’s rehabilitation ends, and it is time for you to begin applying for work. If you graduate early, be sure to notify Varma so that we can review your entitlement to rehabilitation allowance and you can avoid recovery payments.