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Questions from students undergoing rehabilitation

What is meant by full-time studies?
Only full-time studies can be supported as vocational rehabilitation. Vocational studies are full-time if they equal at least 4.5 competence points/study month. Studies in higher education institutions are full-time if they equal at least 5 credits/study month.

When your studies begin

When should I inform Varma that my studies have begun?

  • After you have received an acceptance letter from the learning institute: Send the letter to Varma by logging in to Messages and attachments > Send attachment > Choose subject > Rehabilitation > Notice of admission to training.
  • When you begin studying: File a notification of starting studies immediately when your studies begin by logging in to the eServices: Applications and notifications > Commuting invoice and notification of studies > Go to the notification of studies. 

Will I be compensated for my school commute?
If your daily school commute is at least 10 kilometres one way, create a commuting invoice on our eServices monthly after the fact. Summary of compensation paid for expenses.

Can I do paid work during my studies?
You may work as long as it does not hinder your studies and your earnings stay within the limits specified in the eServices. Check your earnings limit. Please let Varma know if you work in a permanent position or exceed your income limit. This ensures that you won’t have to return any rehabilitation benefits you receive.


How do I submit notification that a new study term has started after the turn of the year?
Submit a notification on the continuation of your studies by logging in to eServices: Applications and notifications > Commuting invoice and notification of studies > Go to the notification of studies. We will pay you compensation for study-related expenses based on your notification of studies. If the travel distance from your apartment to your place of study is more than 10 kilometres, submit a travel invoice monthly after each month.

Do I need to send a new tax card to Varma?
Yes. Without a tax card, we will apply a 20–50% withholding tax rate according to the Tax Administration’s decision. The rate depends on the rehabilitation benefit amount. We will refund any excess withheld tax as soon as we have received the tax card from the tax office. Read more about taxation.


Will I receive rehabilitation allowance during the summer months?
We will also pay rehabilitation allowance for the summer holiday period in between the spring and autumn semesters, and this summertime income does not need to be applied for separately. Holiday periods longer than one month should be used to further one's studies, but there is no set number of study credits. You are allowed to be gainfully employed in summer; however, you should notify us if your employment lasts for more than two months. Additionally, you have the option of completing a practical training period or unpaid work trial, as long as the training or trial is relevant to your field of study. If you wish to complete an unpaid work trial, you will need to prepare a rehabilitation plan.

What if my graduation is delayed?
If, according to your original rehabilitation plan, you were supposed to graduate in spring, but you have to continue your studies into the summer, you must present us with a written study plan from your school (classes to be completed, time frame, number of credits to be completed, estimated graduation date), as well as a transcript of already completed studies. We will decide separately whether we can support your continuation plan.

Can I take summer holiday during my apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship agreement is a commitment between you and the employer, similar to a temporary employment contract. You may take a holiday if you have accrued days off under your collective agreement.


Do I have to notify Varma of the start of the autumn school term?
File a notification of the continuation of your studies after your studies begin in the autumn. We will compensate you for the expenses related to your studies once we have received your notification on the continuation of your studies in eServices: Applications and notifications > Commuting invoice and notification of studies > Go to the notification of studies. You do not need to draw up a new commuting invoice, unless your school commute has changed.

When your studies end

What do I do after I graduate and my studies have ended?
When you graduate, Varma’s rehabilitation ends, and it is time for you to begin applying for work. If you graduate early or if your studies are interrupted, you must always notify Varma so that we can review your entitlement to rehabilitation allowance and you can avoid recovery payments.

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