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Taxation and payment

Taxation of rehabilitation benefits

We will withhold tax on your rehabilitation allowance based on your tax card.Apply for a tax card immediately upon receiving our decision concerning rehabilitation allowance. You can request a tax card online at the address, at the number 029 497 050 (calls from outside Finland +358 29 497 050) or from the tax office. The tax authority will send the tax card directly to us. If you send us a tax card for employment income, the withholding percentage will be at least 25%.

If your rehabilitation allowance continues after the turn of the year into January, send us a new tax card at the latest approximately one week before the end of January.

Of your rehabilitation increment, 40 per cent will be withheld as taxes in accordance with the National Board of Taxes.

Payment of rehabilitation benefits

We will give you a separate decision on the payment of the rehabilitation benefit. The benefit will be deposited into your account when your rehabilitation programme, e.g. work trial or studies, begins. The benefit is not paid during the period when the rehabilitation plan is being drawn up; during that time, your source of livelihood is, for instance, your salary, daily sickness allowance, unemployment benefit or the cash rehabilitation benefit.

In future, the rehabilitation benefit will be paid on the first banking day of each month. See payment dates.

If your employer pays you full-time wages during your rehabilitation (work trial), the rehabilitation benefit is paid to your employer.

You can work part time during your rehabilitation, as long as the work does not delay or interfere with your rehabilitation. Make sure that your employment income remains within the permitted limits. You can check your income limit on our eServices.

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