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Working during retirement

It is possible – find out how

Working while on a pension

You may work while collecting pension without any impact on your pension paid by Varma. Part-time and disability pensions are subject to earnings limits, however. Work carried out alongside a pension accrues new pension.

Earnings subject to withholding tax, including holiday bonuses and fringe benefits, are considered income that accrue pension. Capital gains, such as rent and dividend income, do not impact the payment of earnings-related pension.

  • There is no income limit while retired on an old-age pension or a partial old-age pension.
  • The part-time pension has a personal income limit, which has been agreed on at the start of the pension.
  • The disability pension has an earnings limit which is a percentage of your income level before your pension began or at least 834.52 euros/month.  The latter limit also concerns the years-of-service pension.

Take a closer look at earnings limits

When can you apply for the payment of the new pension?

  • Working while on an old-age pension
    Submit a new application for pension accrued while receiving old-age pension when you turn 68.

  • Working while on a partial old-age pension
    Apply for old-age pension after you have reached the lowest retirement age once your employment ends.

  • Working while on a part-time pension
    Apply for old-age pension after you have reached the lowest retirement age once your part-time work ends.

  • Working while on a disbility pension
    Apply for old-age pension when your employment ends and you have reached your retirement age (65 or 63; for those who have become disabled after 2016 or have received years-of-service pension: the lowest retirement age applicable to their age group).
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