Working while on a part-time pension

When you retire on a part-time pension you will be granted a personal earnings limit. At the turn of each year, we will send you a letter in which we will inform you of your earnings limit adjusted with an index. Your earnings may occasionally be 15% lower or higher than your personal income limit. Your earnings must not, however, ever fall below 35% or exceed 70% of your income level for full-time work.

We may have to recalculate your pension if your pay for part-time work changes significantly. If you are forced to leave your job temporarily you can ask for your pension payments to be suspended.

If the suspension does not last for more than 6 months, you can return to part-time pension. If the suspension were to last for more than 6 months, a new part-time pension would be granted only after you had worked full-time for another 12 months. New part-time pensions will not, however, be granted after 2016.

Payment of part-time pension ends, if

  • your earnings do not remain within the 35–70% limits
  • you return to full-time employment
  • you are absent from work for more than 6 weeks (with the exception of annual leave and sick leave)
  • your work ceases entirely.