Other current topics of responsible investing

Human rights

Varma assertively intervenes in the human rights violations of its investees. Human rights secure the right to a dignified life for everyone, and investors have the power and responsibility to keep a keen eye on how human rights are respected in companies. Human rights violations relate to, among other things, the use of child labour in developing countries, but occupational health and safety, a living wage and cyber security are also human rights issues.

Sustainable equity portfolio

We have a special sustainable equity portfolio that promotes the UN’s goals (SDG) and Varma’s climate targets. The chosen themes for the portfolio include responsible consumption, circular economy and climate-change mitigation. It invests in listed equities in Europe, the US and Canada and in the developed markets of Asia.


A million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within decades. Investors are concerned about the loss of biodiversity, and so is Varma. We want to identify investments that can help reduce the risk to biodiversity.