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What to do when I need information about pension insurance for a position of trust?

Position of trust in a company that does not employ the person

If the person in a position of trust is not employed by the same company, the position of trust is not covered by statutory TyEL insurance.

The party paying the fee for the position trust may take out voluntary TyEL insurance for the person in the position of trust. This voluntary insurance contract must be separate from any other TyEL insurance the company has. If you want to take out TyEL insurance for a person in a position of trust, call us at 010 192 100 and we will take care of it!

Position of trust in a company employing the person

If a person in a position of trust is employed by the company whose position of trust it is, the remuneration paid for the position of trust is covered by TyEL insurance in the same manner as the employee’s other wages. Report the remuneration to the Incomes Register in accordance with the relevant instructions.