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We are here for you. You can find answers to most of the frequently asked questions: click a button below to choose the service role that best describes your situation. Our Varma Online Service can be used for handling many matters related to your customer relationship. In addition, we provide personal service both in chat and by telephone. You can find all of our contact details and opening hours at the bottom of this page.

Varma's contact details

Customer service

010 192 100

TyEL and YEL insurance matters
Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00

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Pension and rehabilitation matters
Mon-Fri 9:00–15:00


010 2440
Mon-Fri 8:00–17:00


+358 (0) 10 244 4752

Visiting address

Salmisaarenranta 11, Helsinki

Please note that we do not have a customer service point in our office.

Information about accessibility

Mailing address

PO Box 1, 00098 VARMA

In email addresses, the characters å and ä are replaced with the character a, and the character ö is replaced with the character o. Hyphens in names are not omitted.
Please use Varma Online Service as the primary method for sending confidential messages.

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Business ID


Online invoices

Invoices to Varma should primarily be sent as online invoices.

Further instructions for sending online invoices


Parking and accessible entrance

The passenger drop-off point is located in front of the main entrance. On the left side of the main entrance, there is one wider parking space for longer-term parking, indicated with separate signs.

A separate accessible entrance, equipped with a wheelchair ramp and an automatic door, is located to the right of the main entrance. The lobby service personnel will open the door.

Indoor spaces

The visitor registration point is located in the entrance lobby, on the same floor as the accessible entrance. There are seats and accessible toilet in the lobby.

From the lobby, you can access the visitor meeting rooms with a spacious lift. The floor numbers on the lift buttons are elevated.

An induction loop is available in the auditorium but not in other meeting rooms at the moment. You can take a guide or service dog with you in the meeting rooms.

Further information

For further information about the accessibility of the premises, contact lobby services via the telephone exchange (tel. +358 (0)10 2440).

Do you want to send messages to Varma?

Varma Online Service

We want to ensure your information security, and we hope that when you send messages and attachments, you primarily use our Online Service.

Send a message by logging in Varma Online Service


Alternatively, you can use a secure email connection (Securedmail).

Begin by selecting a subject:

YEL insurance for the self-employed
TyEL insurance for employees
Other matters

Enter your own email address as the sender. If you select the topic “Other matters”, also include the recipient’s email address. If you submit documents, enter as the recipient. Press Continue.

Enter the subject and your message. Include the required attachments. Press Send.

Occupational health care

Use secure email to send the rehabilitant’s or disability pension applicant’s Medical Statement B or a copy of the medical record securely. Enter your own email address as the sender and enter the rehabilitant’s or applicant’s personal identity code in the Subject field. You can leave the Message field empty. Please note that we will not reply to your message.

Use secure email to send the Medical Statement B or a copy of the medical record securely

Prices of phone calls to Varma

Varma’s phone numbers beginning with 010 19

The local network rate is charged for calls made from a landline connection, and the standard mobile rate is charged for calls made from a mobile phone network. There is a fee for queuing.

If you are calling from a mobile phone, you should inquire with your operator as to whether the mobile phone rate is included in your package or charged separately.

Varma’s phone numbers beginning with 010 244

Calls made from a landline and mobile phone network cost 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/min (incl. VAT).