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Pension Guide for Employers

Old-age pension

The age limits for old-age pension will rise by 3 months every year starting in 2018. Retiring on an old-age pension requires termination of the employment contract from which the employee retires. Read more about old-age pension.

Partial old-age pension

25 or 50% of the pension may be taken out from the age of 61. A reduction is made if the pension is taken early. The employee may continue or stop working, or agree on reduced work hours while receiving pension. Here you can find more information on partial old-age pension.

Pension cover for the long-term unemployed

Some pension accrues on earnings-related unemployment allowance. An elderly long-term unemployed person may receive extended unemployment allowance. Read more on how unemployment affects the pension.


Vocational rehabilitation is the first alternative when illness limits the employee's work ability.

Vocational rehabilitation can consist of:

Read more on vocational rehabilitation and how you can get back to work with help from Varma.

Disability pension

Disability pension can be a full or a partial pension or a fixed-term cash rehabilitation benefit. Here you can find more information on disability pension and how to apply for it.

Years-of-service pension 

Years-of-service is possible at the age of 63 if the work capacity is reduced after at least 38 years of strenuous work. 

Survivors' pensions

Survivors' pensions are paid to the widow/widower and children under 18 when a family wage earner dies.  Here you can check the surviving spouse's pension entitlement. 

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