Accounting firm

Varma also offers services to accounting firms. When you contact us, you always get the help you need easily and quickly, thus freeing up your time to take care of other matters. We offer you, for instance, tools and calculators related to TyEL and YEL insurance, training and webinars, instructions for managing pension insurance matters with your customer, as well as a service line dedicated to you in our phone service.

Varma at your service

We are here to help you by phone at 010 192 100 and in chat from Monday to Friday at 8:00–16:00.

Take care of matters online

You can take care of many insurance matters quickly and conveniently in Varma Online Service:

  • You can see the insurance payment status and download TyEL insurance invoices as a PDF on the Invoices page.
  • You can make an estimate of the TyEL contribution for the current and next year on the Forecasts and reports page.
  • You can view the earnings data reported to the Incomes Register in the Wages and contributions section of the Estimates and reports page. However, any corrections have to be made directly to the Incomes Register.
  • You can compile the data for financial statements in the Data for financial statement section of the Estimates and reports page.
  • You can send us messages and documents via a secure connection in the Messages section.
  • You can change your invoicing method on the Insurance policy information page.
  • You can order a payment certificate by email or download it as a PDF file on the Certificates page.
  • If you are a master user, you can add or change user rights on the Users and authorisations page.

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Take care of TyEL and YEL insurance matters in Varma Online Service

As an accounting firm’s representative, you can take care of TyEL and YEL insurance matters on behalf of your customer with authorisation to use Varma Online Service.

How to gain access to Varma Online Service:

  • If you want to take care of your customer's TyEL insurance matters, ask the company's master user of Varma Online Service to grant you user rights to the service.
  • If you want to take care of your customer's YEL insurance matters, ask the self-employed person to grant you user rights in Varma Online Service.

We will send you an email to let you know when you have access to Varma Online Service.

If your customer's authorisation ends, notify Varma immediately.

Contact our customer service on 010 192 100 if your customer is unable to grant you user rights in Varma Online Service.

Tools for the accounting firm

Insurance contribution percentages and limits in 2024

You will find all of the most important social insurance contributions and limits in 2024 that you need for your work compiled in a single table.

Social security contributions and limits

YEL income calculator

The easy-to-use YEL income calculator can help your customers to determine the right level for their YEL income. The calculator gives a YEL income recommendation based on business sector and turnover.

Go to the YEL income calculator

YEL calculator

With the YEL calculator, you can help your customers estimate the impact of the YEL income on their social security and insurance contributions.

Go to the YEL insurance calculator

TyEL calculator

With the TyEL calculator, your customer can determine the amount of the employer's earnings-related pension insurance contribution. The page also provides more information on other mandatory employer contributions.

Go to the TyEL calculator

Does your customer need YEL or TyEL insurance?

The company form and the person’s position in the company dictate whether a self-employed person and their family members should be insured under YEL or TyEL. Learn on our website which type of insurance is needed!

Read more about the obligation to insure in different company forms

Insurance for work abroad

Is your customer posting an employee abroad or planning to employ a foreign worker? Do you need more information about a specific country’s social security? You can find information about the most common situations on our website. If you need more information about insurance for work abroad, we will be happy to help at 010 192 091.

Read more about insuring work abroad

Read more about YEL insurance in work abroad

Help with using our services

Take care of your client's matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • view your TyEL insurance invoices and invoice specifications
  • view earnings by employee
  • send us messages and attachments through a secure connection
  • calculate estimates of TyEL contributions
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