What to do when I am terminating my business?

Terminate your YEL insurance when you stop working

If you have completely stopped working as self-employed, you can terminate your YEL insurance. The insurance end date will be your last actual working day. Measures related to closing down the business, such as final paperwork, is not considered to be actual work.

Fill out a form to terminate your YEL insurance in the Varma Online Service. We will process your case and ask for additional information, as necessary. We will send you a decision when the insurance has been terminated.

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If you continue your self-employment in another company, do not terminate your YEL insurance. YEL insurance is personal and the same insurance covers all your work as self-employed. If you want the other company to pay your YEL contributions in the future, please let us know through the Messages section in the Varma Online Service.

Send a message through the Varma Online Service

Terminate TyEL insurance when final wages have been paid

When you have paid all final wages to your employees and reported the wages to the Incomes Register, you can terminate the TyEL insurance in the Varma Online Service. Make sure to give us bank account details for any refunds and bonuses.

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