Varma as the receiver of an online invoice

Varma primarily accepts online invoices.

Varma’s information for the sending of online invoices

Operator Basware Oyj

Operator address BAWCFI22

EDI code/online invoicing address:

Invoices for Varma (e.g. general administration costs, business expenses, IT invoices): 003705332979

Online invoicing addresses for Varma’s real estate companies and properties (pdf, in Finnish)

Please note that this online invoicing address is not to be used in pension and rehabilitation invoicing matters. 

Invoice contents

The correct information ensures that invoices are processed quickly and that payments are on time. Invoices that are missing information or which are marked incorrectly will have to be returned to the sender, in which case we cannot be held responsible for payment delays that occur as a result. The invoice must always meet the note requirements for invoices as referred to in the Finnish Value Added Tax Act.

More information is available on the Finnish Tax Administration’s website

All purchase invoices must include at least the following information:

  • The reference person, the name and address of the seller and the purchaser (person ordering the work/the manager/building manager)
  • The date when the invoice was issued
  • The invoice number
  • The seller’s value added tax identification number (Business ID)
  • The purchaser’s value added tax identification number
  • The amount and nature of the goods and the scope and nature of the service
  • The date when the goods were delivered, the services were provided or an advance payment was made
  • The grounds for tax, the tax-free price (to which VAT is added) by tax rate, the unit price without tax and credits and discounts
  • The tax rate
  • The amount of tax to be paid
  • The basis for no tax
  • The property number for invoices concerning properties

We also ask that you observe the following guidelines when sending invoices:

  • The contract number: In contract-based invoices, the contract number identifying the customer and the contract must always be used
  • Every order is invoiced separately: Every order must be invoiced separately. In other words, several orders must not be combined into a single invoice
  • Project number: The invoice must include a project number if the invoice concerns a project
  • Site ID: The invoice must include a site ID if a site ID has been created for the work that the invoice concerns

VAT reverse charge at Varma

We confirm that companies belonging to the Varma Group are not entrepreneurs as referred to in Article 8 c of the Value Added Tax Act, because they do not engage in the activities referred to in paragraph 1 of said Article other than occasionally, nor are they resellers of the services as referred to in paragraph 2 of said Article.

For that reason, the VAT reverse charge referred to in Article 8 c of the Finnish Value Added Tax Act does not concern construction services sold to our company.

Online invoicing service at no charge

Varma offers a free-of-charge and easy-to-use supplier portal (Basware Portal) for service and goods suppliers who do not have their own invoicing system that enables online invoicing.

Using the Basware Portal requires registering in the system. If you are already registered, you can log in directly to the portal.

Register in the Basware Portal

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Read the instructions for using the portal

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