Varma expects a responsible approach from its suppliers

Varma’s new Supplier Code of Conduct explains how procurement partners must take care of their obligations.

The Supplier Code of Conduct applies to both current and new service providers, suppliers and sales network representatives.

Suppliers must commit to ethical and transparent business. They are also responsible for ensuring that the entire supply chain stands up to scrutiny.

“In developing our responsibility to date, we have placed considerable focus on our own operations and especially our investment operations. Now it’s time to focus on our supply chain,” stresses Varma’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Katariina Sillander.

Varma is a major procurer of goods and services. In 2016, we purchased goods and services amounting to some €220 million. Property development is our largest procurement group, followed by real estate maintenance and IT procurements.

Supply chains are complex

As supply chains become increasingly global, responsibility issues pertaining to procurement are complex. For example, a familiar domestic partner may purchase subcontracting services from a country where human rights are not at the same level as they are in Finland.

“Our demands are based on, for example, the ILO’s definition of fundamental rights and the UN Global Compact’s principles, which include respecting human rights and the environment, as well as combating bribery and corruption,” explains Sillander.

Varma’s Supplier Code of Conduct will be included in every competitive bid and procurement agreement. Varma can, if necessary, conduct audits and request reports and corrective measures from its suppliers.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of Varma’s daily operations. We actively communicate what CSR means to us and how we operate responsibly in society. We continuously develop our responsible ways of operating.

We take responsibility for mitigating climate change in our investment portfolio, our supply chain and our operations alike.

Read more: Supplier Code of Conduct

For more information, please contact: Katariina Sillander, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, tel. +358 40 709 9836

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