Climate change and good working life are at the core of Varma’s sustainability

“We must be able to leave something for future generations.” This is the opinion of Varma’s stakeholders, according to a sustainability survey. Varma’s sustainability efforts focus on mitigating climate change and developing a good working life.

At the end of 2018, Varma conducted a broad online survey aimed at its various stakeholders to find out what kind of sustainability actions our customers, among others, expect from the company. Nearly 2,000 people took part in the survey, and close to 20 people were also interviewed individually.

The respondents were made up of, among others, representatives of Varma’s various customer groups and administration, as well as researchers, Varma employees and NGOs.

According to the survey, Varma’s most important task, also from a sustainability perspective, is to secure pensions by ensuring strong solvency and the smooth payment of pensions.

“One clearly growing demand among our customers is for climate change to be taken into account in all our operations,” says Varma’s Sustainability Manager, Katariina Sillander.

Mitigating climate change has been a special focus, especially for Varma’s Investment Operations. The carbon footprint of Varma’s investments has been dramatically reduced over a three-year period, and Varma has placed in the top rankings in an international climate assessment.

“The work continues, particularly in climate risk management, and at the same time, we are setting new targets in climate change mitigation,” says Hanna Kaskela, Varma’s Director of Responsible Investment.

Varma has a Sustainability Programme in place to steer and focus the company’s sustainable development. In addition to climate change mitigation, we focus on managing our client companies’ disability risk and on taking good care of the workability, competence and equal treatment of Varma employees. Diversity is important at Varma, and this year we are an official partner of Helsinki Pride.

Business ethics and transparency are important for a company like Varma, which bears responsibility for managing its customers’ pension assets.

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