An entrepreneur deserves a holiday too – these tips will help you succeed

A holiday should be an opportunity for an entrepreneur to recharge batteries and not a source of additional stress. Read on for practical tips to help you relax on holiday and take care of your wellbeing.

It is often argued that an entrepreneur cannot really take a holiday, although it is important for all of us to take care of our rest and recovery on a regular basis.

Good planning and forethought can help you take at least short breaks and leave certain moments of the day completely free from work. Here are some tips to help entrepreneurs take the time off they deserve.

1. Let your customers know about your holiday in good time

The earlier your customers know about your holiday, the easier it is to stick to it. In some cases, you can also easily schedule your holiday around your customers' holiday season. Agreeing on post-holiday arrangements also brings peace of mind and a sense of security about continuity. Remember to communicate the holiday through the electronic channels your company uses and use the automatic reply function in your email.

2. Create a rhythm with routines

If, for example, a self-employed person still has to work on holiday, it is important to schedule regular moments in your working day when you do not have to answer emails or phone calls immediately. Once these breaks become tried and tested routines, there is no longer any desire to let them slip away.

3. Accumulate holiday funds throughout the year

If at all possible, it is a good idea to build up your holiday budget early and gradually so that you can really relax on holiday without worrying about your income.

4. Do not make yourself irreplaceable

For a self-employed person, the business is naturally in the hands of one person, but even then, it should not rely on one person's memory. Writing down business practices and processes frees up time for other things and makes it easier to take time off and delegate tasks to others.

5. Take a holiday in the off-season

Entrepreneurship often gives you more freedom to decide your own working hours and the timing of your holidays. If summer is your busiest time, it can be easier to schedule shorter holidays outside the general holiday season, for example.

6. Remember to take at least a short holiday

The most important tip is to remember to take a holiday in the first place. If an entrepreneur does not prioritise taking care of himself or herself, exhaustion can bring the whole business down. If taking a long holiday feels difficult, even a short break will be good for you. The essential thing is to be able to take your mind off work for a while.

The holiday tips for entrepreneurs were given by Varma's Development Manager for Work Ability Management Kai Tolvanen, Rehabilitation Expert Liisa Kauranne and Sales Manager Suvi Kivilaakso.

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