The mailing of annual letters to pension recipients has begun

Varma’s pension recipients will receive a personal letter in December stating the amount of their index-adjusted pension and withholding tax as of 1 January 2021. The letter will also state the total amount of the pensions that have been paid and the tax that has been withheld in 2020, as well as the pension payment dates for 2021.

We will mail letters to approximately 340,000 pension recipients. The letters mailed at the turn of the year to pension recipients living in Finland will also be available in the electronic archive of our eServices.

The adjusted earnings-related pension index will increase current pensions by approximately 0.5% at the start of 2021.

If you live abroad, please submit your residence report to us

Along with the annual letter, we send a residence report to be completed by our pension recipients who live permanently outside Finland. The report should be completed, signed and returned to us as soon as possible to ensure that the payment of pension is not interrupted.

The residence report must be returned to us even if the pensioner’s circumstances have not changed from the previous year. You can confirm the residence report through our online service to speed up the processing of the residence report. Our pensioners residing abroad can log in to our online service if they have Finnish online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Pension and benefit data to the Incomes Register 1 January 2021

From the beginning of next year, Varma and other pension insurance companies will submit information on paid pensions and benefits to the Incomes Register maintained by the Tax Administration. Even though pension data will be available to authorities from January onwards, there may still be situations where you are required to provide a certificate on the amount of your pension. In this case, you can still obtain a pension certificate from Varma as before. The easiest way is to print it out yourself through our eServices.

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