Our new Varma Online Service provides our customers with smooth service and effective tools for the development of work ability

With the new Varma Online Service, Varma’s services take multiple digital leaps forward. The services of the employment pension insurance company can now be used even more smoothly through one address, regardless of time and place, and just as easily with a mobile phone and a computer. The online service that is now launched will provide entirely revamped tools, such as the risk mapping and analysis tool in the Work Ability section for corporate customers. The service functions were developed together with customers, with the best part being that more new, useful functionalities will soon be introduced.

Many of our customers want to use our services through our digital online service at a time that suits them best. Smooth, easy-to-use and simple online service is appreciated, as people never have too much time. In the development of Varma’s online service, we focused on the smoothness of the service and on ensuring that it is harmonised, with only one log-in needed to access all services.

Security and confidentiality are an integral part of the service. When you log in to the online service, you can safely send messages, and employers can easily authorise their own experts or accounting firm employees using the service on their behalf and make any required changes in authorisations.

Accessibility was taken into account in the service implementation. In addition to a clear user interface, the text included in the service is as easy to understand as possible. Furthermore, if you need to fill in forms, the data in the system is used to automatically complete the form fields wherever possible. 

With Varma Online Service, customers can access services easily and smoothly through one address.

Varma Online Service – insurance services

Insurance-related matters and payments concerning pension insurance for employers and entrepreneurs can all be taken care of through the Varma Online Service, and the service also enables the safe sending of messages and attachments.

Through the revamped TyEL insurance section you can, for example,

  • manage addresses and information related to insurance and payments
  • view invoice details and request for additional payment time
  • check employee-specific earnings data
  • print out payment certificates
  • create forecasts of future payments
  • obtain reports on TyEL payments for financial statements.

Varma Online Service – Management of work ability and Varma Academy

The Work ability section in the Varma Online Service allows you to create a smooth process for the management of disability risks from the identification of risks to the implementation of development measures and the monitoring of effects. The service helps you identify disability risks and prevent and manage them through correctly targeted measures.

The Work ability section includes several fully redesigned tools. Use risk mapping to identify your organisation’s disability risks earlier and at a more detailed level. With risk analysis, you can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the current state of work ability and plan correctly targeted measures.

In the Work ability section, you can, for example, 

  • identify the disability risks relevant to your organisation 
  • view data and analyses related to work ability 
  • create an action plan for work ability management.

You can access the Varma Academy directly from the new online service. Our online learning environment aimed at our customers provides you with access to work ability management-related content that has been created by our experts.

How can I access the Varma Online Service?

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