Renewed makes for clearer and easier online experience

Our website has been given a full make-over. The renewed website, which takes different customer groups into account individually, is built to provide users with smooth and people-centred service in all situations, from information searches to solving problems and buying pension insurance.

Varma’s digital services are taking huge leaps forward this year. In May, we adopted the renewed Varma Online Service, which offers our customers with user IDs smooth services and effective tools for developing work ability, for example. Now it is the turn of, our public website.

For the customer, on their terms

We have developed the service, which is open to all, and the Varma Online Service, which you can log in to using the ‘Log in’ link at the top of the website, together with our customers.

“Customers’ needs and the increasing mobile use of digital services were the website design’s basis, and have steered the building of the website since the beginning. Regular customer tests have ensured that our work is moving in the right direction and that the website is easy and fast to use,” explains designer Katja Järvenpää, the website’s product owner.

Also the website’s look has been fully revamped, and we hope that it will make the service clear and straightforward, thus helping to focus on the right things.

Varma’s customer service has been named the best in Finland several times. Our goal is to have the same warm and human experience that is so often the case in one-on-one meetings with our customers, also comes across in our digital services. If an answer or solution to the user’s situation cannot be found on the website, the customer will be redirected to personal service quickly and easily.

Active revamping of the digital services continues

The development of the website and our online service is continuous work that will never really be finished. The gradual renewal of the Varma Online Service continues during this year, and next year, the service will offer even more new features.

Also the contents and functionalities of the website are being developed continuously.

“ is an important arena for customer service, information searches and buying pension insurance services, which also operates as the gateway to the Varma Online Service. It is our shop window to the world and our own media where we also publish plenty of current content, such as news, articles and blogs. This is why we want to take extra good care of it,” says the website’s editor-in-chief, Communications Manager Ilari Takamäki.

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