Estimate the 2022 TyEL contribution with our contribution estimate service – just enter the payroll amount

In a changing economic situation, Varma Online Service’s TyEL contribution estimate service is increasingly useful for companies. The service allows you to monitor and estimate your company’s TyEL contribution for various payroll amounts for the current and following year. The service will take into account the 2022 TyEL contribution percentages that are adjusted during the autumn.

Utilise the contribution estimate service for 2022

As our customer, you can use Varma’s service for smoother financial planning and budget monitoring of pension contributions at a more detailed level. In order to obtain an estimate, you only need the approximate payroll amount for next year. If the payroll estimate for next year changes, or if you want to see how various payroll amounts would affect the TyEL contribution, you can always compute a new estimate in the service.

The service always uses the most recent estimated TyEL contribution percentages for the following year, so the contribution estimates will become increasingly accurate during the autumn.

Repayment of the temporary reduction will increase contributions in 2022

The employer’s pension contribution will increase next year if the payment level otherwise remains as it is, as employers will start to repay the reduction they were granted last year due to the COVID-19 situation. The reduction was agreed to be repaid in 2022–2025, and the current estimate is that it increases the contribution on average by 0.4 percentage points. 

“The 2022 TyEL contribution will change due to the repayment of the temporary reduction and adjustments made to the customer bonus level. The service provides you with an even easier and more accurate method for estimating your company’s TyEL contribution, as it always uses the most recent estimate of the following year’s TyEL contribution percentages,” says Riitta Karppinen, Development Manager at Varma’s Actuaries.

Customer bonuses will return to the normal level

The customer bonuses to be paid in spring next year, which will reduce the TyEL contribution, will return to the normal level. Due to the temporary reduction in the contribution, customer bonuses that were accrued during 2020 and paid in spring 2021 were limited to one third of the normal level in all employment pension insurance companies.

In the first half of 2021, we achieved the best half-yearly result in investment returns in our history. As our customer, you benefit from our increasingly strong solvency and excellent efficiency. These will significantly increase the customer bonuses that will be paid in spring 2022 if the positive development is maintained and continues until the end of the year. For your company, this will be reflected in lower TyEL contributions.

The service uses the most accurate estimate of the 2022 contribution percentages

The contribution estimate service always uses the most recent and accurate estimate of the TyEL contribution percentages for the following year. The estimate is based on the most recent contribution level estimate issued for the short term by the Finnish Centre for Pensions. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health confirms the 2022 TyEL contribution later this autumn. 

The contribution estimate service will now also help you regarding 2021

You can also use our service to monitor your TyEL contribution budget for this year and estimate the amount of the TyEL contribution for the remaining months by providing an estimate of the total payroll for 2021. The contribution estimate automatically takes into account any TyEL wages and salaries reported to the Incomes Register and the related contributions calculated for them, and it includes estimates of the contribution for the entire year, the TyEL contribution percentage and the employee’s contribution.


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How to estimate contributions

It is easy to estimate TyEL contributions. Simply log in to our online service and submit the estimated payroll amount for next year. The contribution estimate automatically uses the most recent TyEL contribution percentages.

The TyEL contribution estimate provides an estimate of your company’s
• TyEL contribution in euros for the entire year,
• the TyEL contribution percentage and the employees’ contribution.

If your payroll amount estimate for next year changes, or if you want to obtain estimates for various payroll amounts, you can always compute a new estimate in the service. You can also obtain an estimate for the current year.

Have you used it already?

With the Varma Online Service, Varma’s services take multiple digital leaps forward. The services of the employment pension insurance company can now be used even more smoothly through one address, regardless of time and place and just as easily with a mobile phone and a computer. 

Our new Varma Online Service provides our customers with smooth service and impressive tools for the development of work ability

To use the Varma Online Service, go to the address and select “Log in”.

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