Some of Varma Online Service’s services will be offline 1 June–6 June due to revamping – plenty of new and useful changes in store

The Varma Online Service was renewed a year ago when the employer’s and work ability management services transferred to the same place, behind a single login. This summer, the Varma Online Service’s offering will improve further and, as a self-employed person, you will be able to take care of YEL matters as well as your personal pension and rehabilitation matters in the same service view – with just a single login. During the renewal process, some of the Varma Online Service’s services will be unavailable between 1 June and 6 June 2022.

You can also log in normally to the Varma Online Service during the service interruption and use the available services. This news release contains more information on the service interruptions and their estimated duration.

The Varma team will try to keep the interruption as short as possible, but, for example, invoice and certificate matters should be taken care of before the interruption.

The service interruption concerns the following services:

Service for employers

  • Insurance policy information 1 June–3 June
  • Certificates 1 June–3 June
  • Invoices 3 June–6 June

Service for entrepreneurs

  • Address and billing information 1 June–3 June
  • The ‘YEL contributions, certificates and payment plan’ service lets you view YEL contributions and order certificates, but the payment status will not update during the service interruption from 1 June to 6 June.

Other Varma Online Service services will operate normally, e.g. messages.

What should I do if I need information or help during the service interruption?

Our customer service is available during the interruption, but it may be busy at times. We will respond to messages in their order of arrival and our phone service has a call-back function, which we recommend using.

During the interruption between 1 and 6 June, we will serve you in TyEL and YEL insurance and payment matters exceptionally from 9.00 to 16.00.

In pension and rehabilitation matters we serve you from 9.00 to 15.00 as usual.

What the Varma Online Service provides already

In the Varma Online Service you can conveniently take care of matters as an employer, entrepreneur and private customer.

  • In the Varma Online Service, you can conveniently take care of your personal pension and rehabilitation matters. The service allows you to check, for example, the size of your pension in the pension record, make pension estimates and apply for pension.
  • As an employer and entrepreneur, you can find an extensive range of insurance and contribution services.
  • The Varma Online Service tools help you manage work ability at all stages of work ability and work relationships: chart risks, examine a risk analysis and plan measures.
  • In the Varma Academy online learning environment, you can study and deepen your competence using our work ability management contents.

What new things can you expect to see in the Varma Online Service?

  • When the Varma Online Service is renewed, you can take care of your personal pension and rehabilitation matters and self-employed person’s YEL insurance in the same view.
  • In the future, the service will be available 24/7 – you are welcome to do business with us at any time!
  • The service will have a clearer and fresher layout, with easier navigation.
  • The service’s functions have been developed together with customers and the development work continues – more and more useful functions will be added over time.

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