Varma Academy

Varma Academy is an online learning environment intended specifically for our clients. In the service, you can easily find content related to managing and maintaining work ability to support your own work and development.

Using Varma Academy is easy

In Varma Academy you can deepen your work ability management competence anywhere and anytime:

  • You have access to the work ability management content developed by our experts: online courses, podcasts, webinars and blogs.
  • The digital content is suitable for companies of all sizes.
  • Our interactive online courses serve both supervisors and HR professionals, as well as the self-employed.
  • Varma Academy's content is currently mainly in Finnish. Some courses are also available in Swedish and English.

It is easy to find courses and content in Varma Academy, for instance, by theme or target group. The courses can also be downloaded to the company’s own learning environment.

New content is published frequently, so it is a good idea to keep track of the learning environment and use it actively. We also give you a preview of the new content in a monthly newsletter that is sent to our clients.

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Help with using our services

Take care of your work ability matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • survey your organisation’s disability risks
  • examine data and analyses related to work ability
  • devise a work ability management plan of action.
Take care of your matters online