Varma Academy

In Varma Academy, you will find content related to managing and developing work ability, as well as ready-made study paths for supervisors, HR and personnel. Varma Academy is a learning environment developed for our insurance customers.

Varma Academy supports all personnel's working ability

Varma Academy is a learning environment in which we offer our client companies support for promoting their employees’ work ability.

Varma Academy is easy to use: simply log in to access to all the online courses, podcasts, webinar recordings, current blogs and articles. Varma Academy can be used on computers and mobile devices. Courses can also be downloaded directly to the company’s own learning environment.

You can easily find content that is useful to you based on your role or a specific theme. Most of the courses are suitable for everyone, in addition to which there are dedicated sections, for instance, for supervisors, entrepreneurs and HR managers. The courses are available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

You can easily find the latest courses on Varma Academy’s front page, and you can keep track of your own learning path on the ‘My studies’ page.

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New courses and other content are published in Varma Academy monthly. The content closely follows working life development and our customers’ needs and wishes.

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Get moving! – Towards stronger work ability

During this course you will learn what makes up your work ability, what affects it and why it is important to take care of it. You will reflect on your own work ability and means for strengthening it in more detail.

Build a communicative work culture

The aim of the course is to help you build a work culture where talking about work ability is part of daily life. The course looks at work ability and the importance of the work community in supporting it and the significance of discussing things when building good work ability and work culture.

Building work ability as a supervisor

Supervisor, stop for a moment to think about your own work ability with the help of this course. You will also receive handy tips and tools to manage everyday work ability.

Varma Academy gives Finnish Energy strategies for discussing difficult topics

Finnish Energy employs roughly 50 people, most of whom are energy sector experts. The work is highly independent and largely self-organised and managed with the support of a supervisor.

“We had been aware of our experts’ workload for some time, but the pandemic raised more concerns about it,” says Finnish Energy’s Manager of Finance and Administration, Marketta Eggleton, whose responsibilities also include HR matters. An operating system audit and a personnel survey carried out in 2021 indicated that some employees faced challenges in coping with their workload, prioritising their work tasks and managing their work resources. Something needed to be done. One of the measures was to provide training on the topic to supervisors and personnel.

Independent learning and sharing experiences

Varma proposed appropriate content from Varma Academy and compiled it into a learning path for Finnish Energy. The two-month learning path was planned such that after an initial discussion, three joint discussions involving personnel were held every two weeks. At the same time, the employees were able to independently study different topics using Varma Academy’s webinars, podcasts and other content.

“I think the stencil was good. Sparring with colleagues was a nice feature and made sure that the training was more than just independent learning,” says Eggleton.

Varma Academy’s learning path also helped Finnish Energy’s employees bring up matters that would not otherwise be discussed in day-to-day working life. The employees hoped to see similar discussions arranged in the future, too. The personnel survey at the end of 2022 will show whether the study path has affected employees’ experience of how they are managing their workload.

Now that the employees are familiar with Varma Academy and they all use it, Eggleton says it is easier to seek help for a specific need or to recommend some part of it to all employees.

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Take care of your work ability matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • survey your organisation’s disability risks
  • examine data and analyses related to work ability
  • devise a work ability management plan of action.