The Consultative Committee of the Insured furthers co-operation between Varma and the insured (TyEL). The committee provides important information on the working conditions in companies and any changes occurring in them which affect the management of employees’ pension matters.

Varma communicates up-to-date information concerning earnings-related and entrepreneurial pension insurance to the consultative committee. Varma’s Board of Directors appoints the members based on proposals by central employee organisations.

Representatives of the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland, Akava

Jarmo Hyvärinen, Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Keijo Hyvärinen, Elisa Corporation
Marko Klapuri, Etteplan Design Center Oy
Tiina Selin, DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy
Sari Talla, NCC Suomi Oy
Timo Veijola, Nokia Corporation

Representatives of the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK

Ari Airas, Ovako Imatra Oy Ab
Eero Holsti, Abloy Oy
Jukka Hämäläinen, Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy
Marjo Korhonen, Tokmanni Oy
Arto Kukkonen, VR-Group Ltd
Juha Manni, Honkarakenne Oyj
Samuli Miettinen, Sokotel Oy
Toni Nokkala, VR-Group Ltd
Riikka Peltonen, Metsä Tissue Oyj
Pentti Suni, Stora Enso Oyj
Ville Vatka, HK Ruokatalo Oy
Jarno Viljakainen, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Glassfibre Oyj

Representatives of the Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees, STTK

Hanna Aarela, Veikkaus Ltd
Paula Hopponen, Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Aino Huuhti, Danske Bank Plc
Timo Jaakkola, NCC Rakennus Oy
Juha Kivistö, Elisa Corporation
Merja Koistinen, If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ), branch in Finland 
Irma Kronlöf, Mehiläinen Oy
Satu Kurri, Ovako Imatra Oy Ab
Hannu Kuusikko, Instru Optiikka Oy
Osmo Salo, Meyer Turku Oy

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