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Applying for pension for work carried out abroad

Working abroad may affect the amount of your earnings-related pension.

Working abroad may affect the amount of your earnings-related pension

Working abroad may affect the amount of your earnings-related pension. Living abroad is taken into account in the calculation of national pension granted by Kela.

The pension you receive from another country may affect your other benefits, such as unemployment allowance. More information on the impacts of foreign pension is available from the payer of your pension or benefits.

How to claim pension from another country

  1. You can apply for pension you have earned from an EU or EEA country and from Switzerland, the UK and a social security agreement country using the same application form that you use to apply for pension from Finland. If you have accrued pension from some other country, you must apply for your pension directly from that country.
  2. Be sure to fill in the pension application in our online service at the earliest six months before the date when you plan to retire. NB! If you are applying for the pension of a social security agreement country, the Finnish Centre for Pensions will send you the pension application form that applies to the social security agreement.
  3. In our online service, under ‘Residence and employment abroad (Appendix U)’, you must provide details about your time spent abroad, such as information about your employer and dates when you worked and lived abroad. Fill in Appendix U carefully, because the information will always be forwarded abroad, and the information you provide will affect the time it takes to process your information abroad.
  4. Varma will send your pension application and any documents attached to it (Appendix U, and e.g. employment records) to the Finnish Centre for Pensions.
  5. The Finnish Centre for Pensions will take care of sending your pension application and the attached documents to the EU and EEA countries, Switzerland, the UK and social security agreement countries.
  6. The foreign pension institution will process and issue a decision on your pension application based on that country’s legislation, as well as ask you for more information if necessary. The pension decision from abroad will be sent directly to you.

You can find more information on foreign pension matters on the website Työeläke.fi.


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