Payment of pension

Pensions are paid once a month, on the first banking day of the month. If you live abroad, please inform us of your address so that we can contact you if necessary. Be sure to look after your tax matters when your pension begins and if your situation changes. Otherwise, enjoy your golden years!

Pension payment date

  • Earnings-related pensions are paid in advance on the first banking day of each month. If the first day of the month is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, you can withdraw your pension on the next business day.
  • We send the pension information to banks several days before the pension payment date. The exact time when the pension will be in your account on the payment date depends on the bank’s payment processes. Your bank can provide you with more information.
  • In accordance with Finnish pension legislation, earnings-related pensions can only be paid once a month. The payment day cannot be moved to the preceding month because the right to receive a pension exists on a monthly basis.

Payment date calendar

January Mon 02.01.2023
February Wed 01.02.2023
March Wed 01.03.2023
April Mon 03.04.2023
May Tue 02.05.2023
June Thu 01.06.2023
July Mon 03.07.2023
August Tue 01.08.2023
September Fri 01.09.2023
October Mon 02.10.2023
November Wed 01.11.2023
December Fri 01.12.2023
January Tue 02.01.2024
February Thu 01.02.2024
March Fri 01.03.2024
April Tue 02.04.2024
May Thu 02.05.2024
June Mon 03.06.2024
July Mon 01.07.2024
August Thu 01.08.2024
September Mon 02.09.2024
October Tue 01.10.2024
November Fri 01.11.2024
December Mon 02.12.2024
January Thu 02.01.2025
February Mon 03.02.2025
March Mon 03.03.2025
April Tue 01.04.2025
May Fri 02.05.2025
June Mon 02.06.2025
July Tue 01.07.2025
August Fri 01.08.2025
September Mon 01.09.2025
October Wed 01.10.2025
November Mon 03.11.2025
December Mon 01.12.2025

Changing your pension bank account

In our online service, you can change the bank account number into which we pay your pension.

When a young person receiving a child survivor’s pension turns 18, the pension is paid to the person’s own account. The easiest way to report the account number is to log into our online service.

Log in to Varma Online Service

If you do not have online banking codes or a mobile certificate required for logging in, you can use the form below or a free-form letter to notify us of your new bank account number (IBAN). Sign the notification of a changed bank account. You can send the form to Varma via the “turvaposti” email encryption service. We cannot change your bank account number over the phone or via email, because the notification of a changed bank account must contain the pensioner’s signature.

Notification of a changed bank account form

Change of address

If you move, we usually receive information about your new address in Finland directly from the Finnish population register authority. The address is updated within approximately two weeks.

We do not receive information about addresses from pensioners living abroad. For that reason, it is important that you notify our pension payments department if you live outside of Finland and your address changes. We must have your current address so that we can send you a residence report to be completed every year.

You can change your address in our online service if you have Finnish online banking codes or a mobile certificate. Alternatively, you can submit a change of address by letter or secure email.

How to send a secure email to Varma

Send the notification of a changed bank account form or a free-form letter securely via secure email to

  1. In the “Lähettäjä” field, enter your email address. Add as the recipient.
  2. Click “Jatka” to continue and enter the subject and your message, and attach any required files.
  3. Click “Lähetä” to send the message.

Log in to Varma Online Service

Send a secure email message

Help with using our services

Take care of your pension matters online

In our online service, you can for instance

  • order the employee pension card
  • send and receive messages and attachments
  • view decisions and documents in the electronic archive
  • update your contact details and raise your tax percentage.