Media contacts

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Katri Viippola

Senior Vice President, HR and Communications

Suvi Vesterinen

Communications Manager

Varma's result, investments, real estates

Ilari Takamäki

Department Manager, Communications

Client Services

Hanna Leskelä

Communications Manager

Corporate governance, pensions, disability risk management, sustainability

Reetta Lehto

Communications Manager



Risto Murto

President and CEO

Markus Aho

Chief Investment Officer

Pauli Forma

Senior Vice-President, Work Ability Risk Management

Suvi Hintsanen

Senior Vice-President of Client Services

Tuula Kallio

Senior Vice-President, Pension Services and Legal Affairs

Tiina Kurki

Senior Vice-President, IT and Digitalization

Pasi Mustonen

Senior Vice-President, Actuaries

Pekka Pajamo

Senior Vice-President, Finance and Internal Services

Katri Viippola

Senior Vice President, HR and Communications


Jan Schugk

Senior Physician

Insurance medicine, rehabilitation, disability pension

Tarja Syvälä

Pension Services Director

Pension services (old-age pension, partial old-age pension, survivors’ pensions)

Jyrki Rasi

Pensions Director

Rehabilitation, disability pension

Elina Juth

Services Manager

Pension and Advisory Services

Riikka Nivus

Insurance Services Director

TyEL insurance, Incomes Register

Arja Iisakkala

Customer Service Manager

YEL insurance

Hanna Kaskela

Director, Responsible Investment and Sustainability

Jarkko Soikkeli

Director, Head of Strategy Group and Allocation

Timo Sallinen

Director, Head of Listed Securities

Petri Ala-Härkönen

Director, Head of FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities)

Toni Pekonen

Commercial Property Director


Kai Niinimäki

Real Estate Manager

Real Estate, Tampere Coworking Premises

Sampsa Ratia

Director for Real Estate Investment

Sari Raunio

Property Development Director

Sarianna Sipola

Portfolio Manager, Residential Real Estate