Sponsorships and Donations

For Varma, sponsorship and related partnerships are part of our marketing efforts. Sponsorship should contribute to achieving our strategic goals and help build the brand image that we are trying to achieve for Varma. Sponsorship is also an important means for exerting societal influence.

Results with long-term sponsorship co-operation

In our view, long-term sponsorship co-operation brings more results, which is why we prefer long co-operation agreements.

When choosing sponsorship and co-operation partners, we assess

  • whether the co-operation partner supports Varma’s strategy and brand and shares the same values
  • to what extent the project to be sponsored is aligned with Varma’s sustainability focus areas (Ensuring secure pensions, Investing for change and For sustainable working life), and
  • what its societal significance is.

The sponsoree must also conduct itself responsibly and according to sustainable values.

Varma does not grant financial support to political parties.

You can send sponsorship inquiries and applications by email to sponsorointi(at)varma.fi. In the application, you must address the above-mentioned criteria and provide the following information: what project the sponsorship and support are targeted at (culture/sports/science/society/environmental protection/other) and how it is linked to Varma, how you would use the support received from Varma, how Varma would benefit from the co-operation and how the project promotes sustainability. We also need information on any other companies from which you are receiving or have applied for financial support.

Supporting growth as a theme

The current theme for sponsorship collaboration is supporting SMEs' growth platform and their leap to international growth.

The Finnish Enterprise Agencies

The Finnish Enterprise Agencies promote entrepreneurial growth in Finland. Varma supports the Enterprise Agencies' activities so that everyone could develop their business idea into a profitable business. Local Enterprise Agencies provide free business counselling to anyone who has a business idea or an existing business.

Finnish Enterprise Agencies

Kasvu Open and Growth Collective Finland

In relation to the theme of growth, we have entered into sponsorship collaboration with Kasvu Open and Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland). Kasvu Open helps small and mid-sized companies prepare for nationwide growth. Growth Collective Finland supports the peer work of mid-sized companies and their preparation for a strong period of growth and internationalisation.

Kasvu Open


Finnish National Opera Ballet

Varma's collaboration with the Finnish National Opera Ballet is the company's way of supporting Finnish culture and lowering the threshold to the world of opera and ballet for more and more Finns. The Finnish National Opera Ballet has been Varma's co-operation partner since 1984.

A key form of co-operation with the Opera is customer events: Varma's most important customer event takes place at the Opera.

The value of the National Opera co-operation agreement is EUR 110,000 per year.