Supplier Code of Conduct

Varma’s core task is to secure pensions. Responsibility is a strategic focus for Varma and an integral part of all our business.

Taking care of responsibility obligations

We are committed to engaging in and developing responsible ways of operating. Every Varma employee is bound to Varma’s Code of Conduct.

Looking after pension assets is a significant social mandate that requires a high level of ethics and transparency. That is why we consider it important that our suppliers (service providers, goods suppliers and sales network representatives) also take excellent care of their responsibility obligations.

We expect our suppliers to bear their responsibility for the economic, social and environmental impacts of their operations. In addition, our direct suppliers must, in accordance with due diligence, ensure that their subcontractors also comply with the law and with the requirements of this Supplier Code of Conduct in their own operations. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the persons within their organisation whose duties relate to this Supplier Code of Conduct are informed. We are prepared to help promote responsibility by sharing our own experiences and co-operatively developing operating methods.

In Varma’s real estate business and property development projects, model terms that contain more detailed requirements, for instance regarding safety and environmental matters, are applied.

Supplier Code of Conduct